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3 New Military Maintenance Owners’ Success Stories

The purpose of US Military Maintenance is to help veteran entrepreneurs to have a successful start-up business and a great life! Over 70 veterans have started their own Military Maintenance business already. We built up and managed Commercial Maintenance businesses for many years. Now we show veterans how. We have many recorded National Team Calls for you […]

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A Business Just for US Veterans

US Military Maintenance is a business created especially for US veterans that want to employ and work with other US veterans.  — Thank you for your service! Now it is time to work less and enjoy more. — Here is a great way to continue serving our country and helping other US veterans. It is based on […]

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We Create Successful Veteran Business Owners

My name is Mark Baird. I have been helping US veterans to transition well for many years. I have a non-profit, Patriotic Hearts.  Our veteran jobs initiative is HirePatriots.com. We also have a program to create successful veteran business owners. It is called US Military Maintenance. It is for US veterans who will enjoy employing and working alongside […]

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