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Make America Great Again

How We Make America Great Again!

We Make America Great Again by assisting US veterans in starting successful businesses and employing other US veterans at good, living wages. Military Clean is a program of the award winning veteran outreach, Patriotic Hearts. Military Clean is a business, with a proven model for success, created especially for US veterans. In the last 5 […]

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A Business Just for US Veterans

US Military Maintenance is a business created especially for US veterans that want to employ and work with other US veterans.  — Thank you for your service! Now it is time to work less and enjoy more. — Here is a great way to continue serving our country and helping other US veterans. It is based on […]

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Veteran Advocate

How Hire Patriots Assists US Military & Veterans

Noah Dingley, a host on KPRZ radio, asks Mark Baird, a US veteran advocate, how every American can assist US veterans, and their families. Find out about a free veteran job board you can offer to your comunity: a job board for residents to employ local military, veterans, and their spouses to help with chores, moving, painting, gardening, […]

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Free Patriotic Events Posting Page

We want to share your Patriotic Events with America! HirePatriots.com is one of our nation’s leading websites for US Military and Veterans. We are connected to over a 500,000+ friends, connections and followers, and over 80,000+  military-friendly companies. We have created a Free Events Posting Page: http://events.hirepatriots.com/. Please post your patriotic events on this page. […]

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We Create Successful Veteran Business Owners

My name is Mark Baird. I have been helping US veterans to transition well for many years. I have a non-profit, Patriotic Hearts.  Our veteran jobs initiative is HirePatriots.com. We also have a program to create successful veteran business owners. It is called US Military Maintenance. It is for US veterans who will enjoy employing and working alongside […]

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