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How "Free" Is That Credit Card Terminal?
The truth? It's not actually "Free"...In fact, the "Free" terminal is more expensive than the one you could have bought for $400 to $600. Think about...
17 Navy SEAL principles to help you win in sales. Gregg Swanson
 There's probably no tougher military training than the U.S. Navy SEAL program. I say this despite the fact that my son served in the U.S. ...
Working Capital That Works For Your Small Business
Working Capital for Small Business in the form of Business Loans and Business Advances is a quick way to get your small business an infusion of needed...

Founder's Blog


Hello, I'm Mark Baird and I founded Hire Patrio..."

Recruit, Retain, and Market the Patriotic Way
This is a unique idea that is worth taking a look at. It is a way of branding your business and increasing your marketing, sales, and recruiting calle...
Free Certification Courses for US Veterans
Being military trained is an advantage. In many cases, it will get you an interview. But being the “best qualified” is what gets you the job. This is ...
War Trauma and Employment: One Solution
I have been working with US veterans that have war trauma since 1970, during the Vietnam War. Plus, I struggle with PTSD myself. For these veterans le...

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