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Transitioning from active duty to civilian life...
  Tips that can help Veterans transition easier   Jim Vimes, commander of AmVet Post 133 wrote an article to help recently discharged vets ease the...
Patronize Veteran Owned Businesses
As a nation we may not agree if wars are fought because there was a clear and present danger or fought for personal, political, or business reasons. ...
Purple Up for Military Kids’ Day
South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed “April as the Month of the Military Child” in South Dakota. All citizens are encouraged to wear p...

Founder's Blog

"Hello, I'm Mark Baird and I founded Hire Patriots...."
Tiger Direct Seeks US Veterans
Are you passionate about finding a career? Are you a team player? Are you teachable? Do you find fulfillment in always doing your best? Are you motiva...
The HirePatriots Community Program
  HirePatriots is creating local community chapters across America to support their local US military, veterans and their families. The first s...
Great Video if You Need Income
Patrick Mellody is a HirePatriots member. I have known him for several years. He is a straight arrow. I trust him completely. He has a very sincere de...

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