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Opportunity for the unemployed & second income seekers.   Tired of being downsized, rightsized, having your position eliminated?  As long as you...
Can you keep your lifestyle into retirement?
I’m 57 and staring retirement in the face as are most of my friends. Some of us thought we would already be retired but life happened and threw off ou...
Say No To Blame Storming
What is Blamestorming? It is an accurate representation of organizational dysfunction, spending paid time to develop a strategy that does not correct ...

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Hello, I'm Mark Baird and I founded Hire Patrio..."

Program 4 Veterans to Own Business has assisted over 300 vet owned businesses to be more profitable, to market their companies, and to employ more US veterans. Now we h...
Assisting US Veterans for 45 Years!
Patriotic Hearts' Programs for Veterans Patriotic Hearts does several things that that are vital to getting US veterans and their families back on th...
Business Success = Social Engagement
What has made the social networks so incredibly popular is the intrinsic need in human nature to communicate with others, to be ‘liked,’ ‘connected,’ ...

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