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What Does HirePatriots Do to Help US Veterans?

Hello HirePatriots Friends: Many people wonder what exactly we do every day at HirePatriots. They also ask what their donations provide? These are very important questions for me to answer. Here is my comprehensive reply: Please send me your comments. Also, please give us your feed back on our new HirePatriots.com web design. Help us to see what […]

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U.S. Jobs Report and Forecast

The unemployment numbers were released this morning by the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and it is a very anemic report. Disturbingly, many jobs created in October were NOT full time jobs, but part-time jobs. Of the 200,000 new jobs created in October, 90,000 were part-time. Only 103,000 were full-time. […]

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How to Develop a Veteran Recruiting Program

Companies with successful veteran recruitment programs know that it takes more effort than simply posting jobs on veteran job boards or attending veteran job fairs. It takes a strategy and a comprehensive plan that addresses attraction, recruitment, hiring and retention to make an effective program. This 60-minute overview session will review the building blocks of […]

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Our Next Civil War?

America In Crisis Watching my beloved country go through this contentious political divide between Progressives and Conservatives is heart wrenching. There is no point whatsoever in either side trying to convince the other side who is right and who is wrong. It is never going to happen. We will NEVER have political unity. That is […]

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A Most Bizarre Wedding Toss

Neither her parents or mine would agree to our being married. But Zaza was 18 and I was 19, so we drove to Vegas and did it ourselves. But we never had a reception or party. And Zaza never got to throw a bouquet. After Vegas, we drove up the coast of California. We only […]

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Key to a Long and Happy Marriage

It is very sad to see how the stress of military life and continuous deployments, especially to combat, is crushing so many marriages on our US bases. Their families already endure so much. This plague of divorce is absolutely devastating these young couples. After the military is also stressful to a couple. Many divorces occur […]

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Business Opportunities for US Veterans

This is another great company coming to our October 24 Job Fair at Camp Pendleton Marine Base, an ex-Marine aviator that has created businesses for other veterans to own. For more info click HERE. Franchise BIZ Experts Are Committed to Our Veterans As a veteran Marine aviator, my company is committed to working with veterans […]

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Parker Aerospace is attending our job fair at Camp Pendleton on October 24. This is an elite company to work for. We are honored to have them attend. We are proud to support the U.S. armed services with products and technologies including flight control, hydraulic, fuel, fluid conveyance, engine systems and components. We are even […]

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