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What You Must Know to Live a Fulfilling Life

A SUCCESS PROGRAM For Students, Veterans & Employees Fulfillment, happiness and success are what most people strive for in life. Too many never find it. But it is there for the taking by anyone who knows how. It begins with our mind-set: “As we think, so are we.” Our lives are determined and shaped by […]

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Achieve the American Dream

How Veterans Can Achieve Their American Dream

The American Dream is the national ethos of the United States, in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success: The chance to make your Life better, richer and fuller, with opportunity for each according to their ability and achievement, regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. — Wikipedia Thank you Americans who served in our country’s military. I have been […]

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Big Own-Business

Veterans: Keep Your Job & Start a Business

Veterans: You can keep your job and start a business. Starting a business can mean devoting time and energy to a side hustle that can eventually become your full-time gig. Businesses aren’t born overnight, and having a source of income while getting your business off the ground can be a key to success. US Military […]

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How to THANK our Troops and their Families

This is an easy, simple, free way to  thank our troops and their families, and to become the most popular business in your county and beyond. It has spread across the USA and been praised by US Presidents, Congress, the Pentagon, Chambers of Commerce, Business Journals, Military Leaders, and the Media. HIRE PATRIOTS provides American Communities […]

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College 4 Veterans

Amazing Program for Veterans Going to College

Here is an amazing educational program for veterans going to college. The Posse Veterans Program is an amazing program that helps get student veterans into some of our nation’s top institutions of higher education. As of right now, they are recruiting Posses for Wesleyan University, Vassar College, Dartmouth, and the University of Virginia. The program […]

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jobs for veterans

Life Science Jobs for Military Veterans

The Biocom Institute is the nonprofit arm of Biocom that focuses on STEM outreach for students and life science workforce development and programs for military veterans. I wanted to reach out and let you know about an upcoming opportunity for veterans in your programs and network. On October 13th, we’ll be holding a half-day “Veterans […]

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What It Takes to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Economist Mark Casson notes: “The successful entrepreneur believes that he is right, while everyone else is wrong; and that the essence of entrepreneurship is being different—being different because one has a different perception of the situation.” In other words, through inner belief in their abilities and passion, what others see as impossible, entrepreneurs see themselves […]

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Invest in a Veteran Owned Business

Why Veteran Owned Businesses are Important to Society

This article gives the reader a deeper understanding of our US Veteran experience and challenges, and a way to help them get started in business. The impact of veteran owned businesses is far greater than most civilians realize. Citizens that serve in our nation’s Armed Forces are bound by their mutual experiences, hardships, and often […]

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PBS Seeks Veteran War Stories

PBS Seeks Veteran War Stories

PBS has an upcoming project: What it means to go to war. This project is an upcoming hour-long PBS documentary , featuring journalist Sebastian Junger and Marine veteran/author Karl Marlantes. The film will portray the experience of combat and its aftermath through the voices of combat veterans themselves. We’re looking at war as a universal experience […]

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The best place to find quality veterans

The Hire Patriots Job Source is the best place to find quality veterans for your organization. It’s where the most qualified professionals in our industry search to find their next career opportunity. Post your open jobs to make sure they are exposed to the right people. Aside from posting on the HirePatriots Job Source, make sure you […]

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