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Seeking American Patriots

American Patriots love America, its Constitution, our freedoms, our diversity, the opportunities to create a better life, and the freedom of religion. Protecting and assuring the continuance of these precious rights requires the support of our US military and veterans. Patriotic Hearts has been serving them for 15 years. Two US Presidents have awarded Patriotic Hearts […]

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Make America Great Again

How We Make America Great Again!

We Make America Great Again by assisting US veterans in starting successful businesses and employing other US veterans at good, living wages. Military Clean is a program of the award winning veteran outreach, Patriotic Hearts. Military Clean is a business, with a proven model for success, created especially for US veterans. In the last 5 […]

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Inspirational Speaker

An Inspirational and Exciting Speaker

Mark Baird: I am an inspirational speaker for Americans looking for a Cause to put Purpose and Meaning in their lives by volunteering to help our US Military members, veterans, and their families. There are simple but very powerful things they can do to improve their lives. https://youtu.be/qQS-f-mIHcY Making others happier and safer has always been […]

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Jobs & Business Start Ups for US Veterans

Do we share the same heart and passion to serve US veterans and to help them to live healthy, productive, and happy lives? Then we are united in purpose. My Veteran outreaches are partnered with two outstanding groups that are aligned with our cause: The Rosie Network, and ReBoot. Our organization is Patriotic Hearts. 1) HirePatriots.com is our Careers Job Board exclusively […]

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Best Veteran Job Board Since 2005

What is the Best Veteran Job Board Since 2005? HirePatriots.com  ·        Direct access to highly qualified veteran job seekers. ·        Pre-screening for best candidates ·        Job alerts sent to all job seekers ·        Manage all applicants from Hire Patriots’ Applicant Tracking System ·        Resume and Applicant Alerts ·        Jobs shared on network of veterans job boards Awards Received by HirePatriots.com ·        America’s Heroes Among […]

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Veteran Advocate

How Hire Patriots Assists US Military & Veterans

Noah Dingley, a host on KPRZ radio, asks Mark Baird, a US veteran advocate, how every American can assist US veterans, and their families. Find out about a free veteran job board you can offer to your comunity: a job board for residents to employ local military, veterans, and their spouses to help with chores, moving, painting, gardening, […]

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