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US Veterans & Divorce

The stress of US military life: training, long deployments, and moving from base to base makes military marriages more difficult than most in the civilian world. And then there is the shock and horror of combat that so many of our veterans have experienced during America’s longest war: the “War on Terrorism,” which we are […]

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The US Veteran Difference

Veterans vs. Civilians Our US veterans are worthy of receiving our honor and support. They have volunteered for a difficult life and to risk their lives on our behalf. They endure daily hardship for us. They die and are maimed. They experience the worst horrors on earth. Their memories are scarred. And because of the […]

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Veterans Are Natural Born Entrepreneurs

This is Veteran Entrepreneur Week and according to an article in Yahoo Finance yesterday: “Veterans are 45 percent more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.” Here are some excerpts from the article. The SBA agency estimates that about 2.4 million or 9 percent of all U.S. small businesses […]

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The Value of US Military Service

Serving in the US military has many personal benefits. Most new recruits are young men and women whose character has not yet been completely formed. Military training shapes them into confident, disciplined, hard working, courteous citizens. Everyone in the US military has a job to do. They know that each member is an essential part of the […]

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How to Hire “Work Ready” US Veterans

The best method for filling your positions is to use our US Military Veteran Hiring Events. We fully prepare 50+ US veterans by working closely with the Labor Department’s America Career Centers. We direct our job seeking veterans to utilize their workshops. Those that complete this process we bring to our hiring events so that […]

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Republicans versus US Veterans

This is what I do not get: The Republican Party, that stands for Christian and Conservative ideals, the party that chose to send our young men and women off to fight In Iraq and Afghanistan, are continually cutting benefits to our US veterans. We all are aware of how poorly the V.A. hospitals have been […]

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New website for Veteran Entrepreneurs for Business Education

Veteran Ventures ~ Strength Through Adversity Transitioning Veterans to Entrepreneurs and Supporting Veteran Business Professionals.   Veteran Ventures is a community for veterans to network and learn about business and entrepreneurism. While everyone can participate and learn more about business in our forums, we also provide special entrepreneurial education to our veteran students. As our […]

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Why we honor US veterans!

This picture of a legless Marine still serving in active duty shows the heart and courage and patriotic passion of our US veterans. They deserve our greatest respect and honor. Cpl. Garrett Jones. Semper Fidelis!

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US Army Vet: LA Film School Grad

Daniel Rathaus, Veteran of the US Army, landed a prestigious job in the film and vfx industry within a month of graduating with an Associate of Science Degree in Film from The Los Angeles Film School.   Daniel comes from a family of filmmakers and even has an Oscar-winning grandfather, producer Phillip D’Antoni (The French Connection). […]

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My Life Serving US Veterans

My life has been spent serving the men and women who serve in the US military. I take no pride in doing so.  It is just the proper and the right road for me to take. — They deserve it: Simple as that. – But it is getting harder to do. The glow of patriotism  […]

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