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Start A Veteran Owned Business

The Veteran Advantage when Starting a Business

In my experience, after assisting US Veterans with finding good employment or starting businesses, the greatest advantage is for veterans to start their own business. Being a US Veteran is not always an advantage when seeking employment. Companies are now acutely aware that recent US Veterans leave and seek other employment more than the average […]

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Make America Great Again

How We Make America Great Again!

We Make America Great Again by assisting US veterans in starting successful businesses and employing other US veterans at good, living wages. Military Clean is a program of the award winning veteran outreach, Patriotic Hearts. Military Clean is a business, with a proven model for success, created especially for US veterans. In the last 5 […]

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A Business Just for US Veterans

US Military Maintenance is a business created especially for US veterans that want to employ and work with other US veterans.  — Thank you for your service! Now it is time to work less and enjoy more. — Here is a great way to continue serving our country and helping other US veterans. It is based on […]

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Free Patriotic Events Posting Page

We want to share your Patriotic Events with America! HirePatriots.com is one of our nation’s leading websites for US Military and Veterans. We are connected to over a 500,000+ friends, connections and followers, and over 80,000+  military-friendly companies. We have created a Free Events Posting Page: http://events.hirepatriots.com/. Please post your patriotic events on this page. […]

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Number 1 Company for Employing US veterans

The vision of US Military Maintenance, since its inception 4 years ago, has been to be the Number 1 company in America for the employing US veterans; and, the Number 1 Full-Maintenance firm in the USA. Both of these goals are now much closer to being a reality. US Military Maintenance has grown so large and successful […]

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US Veterans & Divorce

The stress of US military life: training, long deployments, and moving from base to base makes military marriages more difficult than most in the civilian world. And then there is the shock and horror of combat that so many of our veterans have experienced during America’s longest war: the “War on Terrorism,” which we are […]

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