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Quality: the Foundation of Organizational Success

Quality the Foundation of Organizational Success Edward Deming a statistician transformed the business world with the introduction of statistical process control. The basis of Deming’s philosophy was an organizations relentless commitment to exceptional quality and the sustained aspiration to achieve zero defects. This way of thinking was not aligned with the prevalent thinking in American […]

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Become a Community Leader HERE

Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit,  has a fully developed and tried strategy for being a community leader and helping many thousands in your part of America. It is all in this book:  The Patriotic Business Plan:Strategies for Sensational Success. We began the Patriotic Hearts’  program ten years ago in San Diego. Our site began getting 10,000 […]

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A Community Program 4 US Veterans

We are a community project that unites all demographics and neighborhoods in thanking local US military, veterans, their spouses, widows and children. This program inspires patriotism. It teaches responsibility to country and community by honoring those that volunteer to serve in the US military and to protect our lives with their own. This is a […]

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Start a Patriotic Hearts Chapter

The mission of Patriotic Hearts is to create a nationwide, grass roots support system and employment safety net for our veterans all across America. The entire crux of our Patriotic Business Plan is to get local residents to post chores and repairs on their local community HirePatriots job board and website that we give you. This […]

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Children Who Support Our Veterans

This is a picture of neighborhood children in Laguna Beach, CA selling lemonade to raise funds for Patriotic Hearts, the 501c3 of which HirePatriots is the veteran employment program. They raised $100 on Veterans Day and donated it all to let veterans know how much they care. HirePatriots is a community program. Schools, civilians, businesses, […]

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Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day 2014 Veterans Day is a time when we, as a nation, remember the men and women of our Armed Forces throughout our Nation’s history who by their heroic sacrifices and courage purchased for us the freedoms we enjoy. On this Veterans Day please take time to pray for our troops who have died […]

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HirePatriots’ Community Program for Schools

When I was a teacher in Southwest Los Angeles I always made sure that all of my students got a “Letter to the Editor” published in the Los Angeles Times before the end of the year. It had an amazing result! I saw children with no self-esteem transformed. Today, being published in the Times or […]

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The Annual Veterans Summit

The Windsor Village UMC Veterans Ministry presents their Annual Veterans Summit on Saturday, August 9th at 9:00 a.m.The summit will be held at the Power Center located at 12401 South Post Oak Road Houston, Texas 77045. Representatives and Community Services will address the concerns of Veterans and their families. Entrepreneurship, homelessness, veteran benefits and civilian […]

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Can You Help US Vets with Resumes?

HirePatriots needs good writers to help US veterans in proof reading, editing and re-writing US veterans’ resumes. We do this for free. It is a simple way for us to say Thank You! If you have experience in writing resumes for others, we can send you 2-3 resumes a week. It is a lot of […]

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Get a Free Job Board for Your Local Veterans

Our non-profit, Patriotic Hearts, provides a host of programs for US military, veterans and their spouses. As the leader, I recognize certain gifts and talents of my veteran supporters and then I create an appropriate program for them to direct. We work with companies and US veterans all across America. Out of 326,000,000 US websites, HirePatriots […]

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